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           “You have been sleeping for a decent amount of time now…” Upon hearing the soothing and peaceful voice, a sense of calm erupted from it. It gave off a sense of familiarity and security that anyone who heard would’ve welcomed. And yet for the onlookers involved in the conversation, it only served to serve a sense of emptiness. A pair of gazes were currently locked on each other, as a man with messy black hair spoke. And yet reflected in that gaze was a sense that he was worn, that he had been through his own battles that left him restless, as they sat reflected behind a pair of cracked lenses. The other gaze was much more youthful and perhaps reflected the same amount of curiosity he held at that young age. Curious and wanting to know more about the world around them.  And yet for whatever reason, despite his own tired state the young child seemed to relax him and set him at ease.

        Tired, and confused the young girl lifted her head off of the other’s shoulder. Her strands of Charcoal colored hair falling around her face. There was no way anything she did was less than graceful in his eyes. She meant everything to him. Something about this man was familiar. It was as though she was somehow looking into a mirror, but the other side was much older and the opposite gender. How did this man know her? And why did she not feel the need to panic up on finding a ‘stranger’ was holding her? No words needed to be said when his gentle lips curved up into a soft, and tender smile. If only moments like this could continue to happen for them.

        “Who are you mister?”

He did not feel like a threatening force, and therefore she had no reason to be fearful when speaking to him. In fact his soft smile seemed to invite her questions. As though he were a father teaching his own flesh and blood to be inquisitive, and ask questions that came to mind. “And why do I have to wake up? I am still sleepy, and cold… Why is it cold?” He placed a hand on the top of her head in order to comb the tips of his fingers through her soft, silky, and smooth locks of hair. A fatherly touch, one that was not too rough, one that was intended to calm, and lessen the smaller child’s own anxieties. She sure was the curious one.

        “So many questions… I never expected anything less from you…” It was as though he was avoiding her first question. “You have to wake up, because you have people waiting for you… and you are making them worry.” It was as though every part of her was screaming at her to listen to the man that held her. ‘Listen to him, he’s safe. He is not dangerous.’ Nothing was strong enough to rip her from these thoughts. “A new life is waiting for you. My sweet baby Groudon… Now wake up.” His voice began to fade away as he explained this to her. What new life? How would things get any different? Her mind proceeded to wander, while the ominous area began to fade away, and turn into a black slate of nothing. Once the surrounding area was down the male pressed his lips to the young child’s forehead before vanishing. He was nothing more than a memory now, A memory that would proceed to follow her.

        ‘Tik Tik Tik Tik. Swish. Tik Tik Tik Tik. Swish’ these were the sounds that started to appear as the young child made her attempt to wake up. A clock that impatiently ticked as it sat against the wall, and the sound of pages being turned with an equally impatient hand. With both combined it added to the atmosphere of the page turner full of unsettled movements along with hints and guesses of eagerness. The girl’s three foot tall body was nestled under a mass quantity of blankets. Still even with all the black and red blankets, that were soft to the touch—the young girl still couldn’t feel any warmth. It was like the blankets were coded in ice and the bed itself was an iceberg. Her own warmth and body heat acted against her in some ways, acting like she herself was met to live in a freezing existence. Sitting next to her was a male, whose charcoal eyes were focused on a stack of papers, a makeshift table casted over his lap as scarlet hair fell around his features. And yet for the young girl those eyes served to remind her of the darkness she had just awoken from, reflected behind a pair of thick framed glasses. A look of annoyance took hold of his features and yet for some reason she found a sense of familiarity in his expression. She was use to this expression----or at least that was what she thought. Moments passed and she thought she had seen him before. That annoyed expression and the slightly intimidating edge to his features, it was like a sense of déjà vu’. Still in thinking these things she knew it was a simple lie. She had never seen him before. Towards his left side sat a black coffee mug with a big fat M on the side of it. This M looked more like some kind of decorated symbol. This ‘symbol’ sparked some sort of memory in her mind, as if someone had flipped a switch on a light bulb. Her memories flooded into her mind and soon she had some idea of who this man sitting beside her was.

        From a time that seemed way too far for her to reach, a mysterious figure brought her here multiple times. She could not recall what this person looked like, however she easily remembered him bringing her to the scarlet headed male who currently sat at her bed side. His name was ‘uncle’ Maxie. The mysterious male who frequently brought her to this place had been determined to have her call this man by that name. Maxie was the one who helped to care for the young child while the man in question was busy. However it had been nearly 2 years since her last visit and over the course of time her memory of the infamous ‘Uncle” Maxie had grown distant almost as if he were a ghost. But the name still stuck close to her mind and always managed to bring a smile to her young and innocent face.

        His bright red turtle neck sweater, and lab coat that contrasted in a softer shade of red---along with his gem stoned rimmed glasses were things that Madison could easily recollect about him. It was just as she remembered him in bits and pieces---which somehow gave her initiative to attempt to sit up. However as she tried doing so a cold reality met her and in doing so she retreated further under the red and black sheets. At least she had tried to get up.


        Out of the corner of his eyes, Maxie was able to barely catch the quick movement that came from his right side, glancing over to meet a pair of sapphire orbs staring back at him. He never thought the young Madison would wake up this soon but knowing she was awake was enough to ease him lifting a large weight off his shoulders. Now that she was awake, he could explain everything to her, or mostly everything. There were some details that needed to be left out. She was far too young to know all that happened to her. Most of the things that need to be explained were far to advance for her to grasp right away, and the chances that she even wanted to listen to all of it were slim.

        “Good Morning Madison.” He carefully placed the stack of papers down with the hope to not awaken the other sleeping figure in the corner of the room. The creature had been just as worried about the young girl, and had hardly gotten much sleep during their uneasy wait.

        “Where is Buzz?” Of course she would ask about the pokemon first. His gaze shifted to the corner of the room where the other sleeping form was. Buzz… that was the houndooms name, it was far too easy to put it together. The question also proved that the raven headed female vaguely remembered small details. Buzz had been fixated on the small girl, and had also attacked Tabitha when he attempted to aid the small girl. It was Brodie who had managed to calm the creature down in order to help her.

        “Buzz is right over there.” Graceful fingers motioned towards the area the pokemon had fallen asleep. “But he has been very worried about you. Why don’t we let him sleep a bit more? You do not have to worry. Both of you are safe here while under our care.” All of this was the truth. Now that Madison was in his care she was guaranteed protection. The life of the young girl would no longer be filled with tears the Magma Boss was determined to make up for the 2 years she spent with her unruly mother. Lowla… she was never a good parent. Sadly it took the team 2 years to find Madison after her father had passed away. The witch that had taken her was smart, and did everything to keep her hidden as though trying to spite Madison’s father. Guilt swarmed around the redhead the more he thought about all of it. Everything would be different now.

    Gently he pushed back the messy strands of hair atop the six year olds head. She was safe and he would be sure to reacquaint himself with the small child once again.

    “Are you hungry? You have been sleeping for a few days.” Without even giving the girl time to respond he stood up as though knowing the answer. Yes the girl was hungry there was no chance that she could not be hungry with the amount of time that had gone by in her peaceful slumber. This however was not the only thing that answered Maxie’s question. His ears had in fact picked up the sound of faint growls erupting from her stomach.

    Steadily Maxie stood up and made his way to the door only to find a team of grunts standing behind it. All of them stumbling around and attempting to re-gather themselves as they hurried away. The red and black uniforms moving together clumped until they had fully moved away from the area. Though left was a single red and black form, but this was no ordinary grunt. A head of purple hair with an equally unamused expression stood with his arms crossed and expression turning stern. He had warned them to get back to work but seems they had other ideas once his back was turned.

    “Damn it! I told every single one of you to go back to work” roared Tabitha, the man in question. Honestly they had no sense of privacy around this place did they? Still his expression managed to soften up a bit as he noticed Maxie, walking over to him with steady steps. “Did the kid wake up?” he asked.

    “She has woken up, however I need someone to bring her something to eat. She’s been out for so long I know she’s probably starved. Also I need something for her Houndoom as well. He’ll probably wake up shortly after the scent of food reaches his nose I’m sure.”  The leader turned to look back into the room where Madison silently laid down, and Buzz her Houndoom who was content with lying in the corner.

    There were no words that needed to be spoken after that. Tabitha simply nodded to his beloved boss, and turned to continue down the hall. He would see to it that the task was taken care of.

    Rustboro City, the city that Madison had spent two long years in after her father had vanished. During that long and tedious two year span, Maxie had sent out both Tabitha and Brodie to different parts of the region in hopes of finding the young girl. When they had finally managed to find her a plan was formed—careful and precise to retrieve her back. To anyone who had recently joined Team Magma remained unaware of her connection to the infamous group. Of the member who was no longer around---Whose personality ranged from eccentric to dorky and whose work space was just as so. However he was a loyal member and trusted his team mates as much as they trusted him. He was an engineer and a great man to have had around. And when it came to finding out about his fatherhood the entirety of Team Magma rejoiced for the eccentric engineer. They however remained ignorant of the secrets their beloved member kept---of the dark path he was stumbling along. Maxie was the one who had found it in himself to approach their beloved member about these trying issues. Vexis knew of his own fate a fate that would separate himself from his soon to be born daughter. He was dying. Vexis had little time left and when Maxie approached him he begged their leader Maxie to please help take care of his daughter. Maxie who both respected and revered the engineer plenty agreed to take care of his daughter once the time came.

    When Madison was born he always smiled, and never left her side. However the time he spent at home soon came to a sudden halt after showing signs and hints that he did not want to return there. Vexis ensured in his short time that his daughter would remember him. It became clear that something happened between Lowla and Vexis, and four years after Madison was born, that became more evident as after Vexis’s death Lowla ran away with Madison. The Magma boss Maxie ordered the area where their member resided to be quarantined off, as to hopefully find the young girl somewhere in the city. And soon on the fateful day in December the day before Christmas Eve in the town of Rustboro they were able to find her.

    Winter had never been the best time of the year, and the day the two reached the town they had unexpectedly ran into a snow storm. Madison who had been joyfully playing in the forest with her older brother had gotten caught up in the storm. Both of them had been separated from one another, and was left with only her brother’s houndoom to protect her in the dangerous situation. Both team members had heard the faint, and needy cries of the young girl. Over, and over again she had screamed her brother’s name only finding that she would not get a response. Her brother Maxwell was gone. It was her constant cries that allowed them to find her just before her cries had started to go silent. The snow had begun to burn her skin with its firm and icy touch and she began to rapidly lose body heat faster than expected. And soon she was discovered by the two members cold and buried in the snow---with the houndoom guarding over her silent form that was unmoving.

    Cold and frightened she had been more than grateful to see another presence, clinging with cold fingertips to Tabitha who carefully plucked her from the frozen clutches of the snow. Brodie had managed to get the houndoom, Buzz to come along with them. She had lost against the cold wintry elements before her but clearly the world had not finished with the young girl just yet. And after finding shelter they let the storm pass by and once it had finished its white ravaging path, they were able to make it back to their base safe. And there Madison had fallen into a deep sleep for an entire two days.

    Once Madison had her meal Tabitha stepped out of the room to return the plates to where they belonged. His eyes met with a yellow colored gaze the moment he had turned away from the door.

    “She’s awake?” His voice was deep, and remained calm as the yellow eyed male asked this. Brodie had been slightly worried about her as well, though he had been a bit more positive about the situation. There had been no doubt in his mind that Madison would recover from this.

    “Yes… She’s awake. The boss just finished explaining everything to her, and now she’s sleeping again.” The dark purple haired male known as Brodie was not surprised by Tabitha’s statement. It made sense that she had gone back to sleep.

    “At least she woke up.” Brodie smirked at his own statement. She had woken up, and could begin the slow process of reacquainting herself with her home. Where her real family lived, and worked. Welcome Home Madison.’
Cover art was done by :iconyamihp7:  All of the official art for this fanfiction will be done by them. So go follow them to keep up with it. :)

Disclaimer: I do not own, or hold any rights to pokemon. I simply write fanfiction for the fun of it. Also This Story is not canon to the real pokemon. It is my own little creation in which I have created so that I can flex my own writing abilities. Enjoy~

My personal tumblr can be found here
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darkone4587 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Student Writer
Well then for a first chapter it's pretty good, sets up plenty of mystery here and there, but it's kind of to vague I don't really have an understanding of any of the characters so far and it's kind of clustered to read.
Overall, there's plenty of potential here, but it's not reaching it yet.
VvHazelvV Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for your input. I do plan to explain more stuff in the next chapter. If you ever have any questions, or suggestions I would be more than happy to hear you out.
darkone4587 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Student Writer
Well, reediting it so it looks less bulky would definatly help
VvHazelvV Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
What do you mean by Less bulky?
darkone4587 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Student Writer
Well it's hard to explain. just look at some of the other written stuff on the site and you should get an idea of what I mean.
VvHazelvV Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay I see what you mean. It appears my style of writing is a bit more different. My paragraphs are long, however I do not plan to change it? I intend to be a writer one day, and this is the style I have a preference to. Sorry friend. 
darkone4587 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Student Writer
It's not that the paragraphs ar big, it's that the dialouge is mixed into the text at points it doesn't have to be.
Basically if you have text after dialouge not relating to that persons actions (and inner monolouges don't count), they can be split off into another paragraph.
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